Ch Irish Mesmerize’s Dracula x Ch Seamrog Feel Free To Love Me

Seamrog I Should Be So Lucky H
Seamrog Together Forever H
Seamrog You’Ve Got It T
Seamrog Find Me Somebody To Love T
Seamrog The Power Of Love MesmerizeT


Ch Fairylake’s Benjamin Cricket x Ch Brösing’s Unbound And Happy

Seamrog The One And Only For MeH
Seamrog The One Who Has ItH
CHSeamrog The One All Rights ReservedTSEUCH
Seamrog The One Tip Top LadyT
CHSeamrog The One Top Charm LadyTSEUCH
Seamrog The One With Lots Of CharmT


Ch Carlinayer Star Studded Guy x Ch Brösing’s Unbound And Happy

CHSeamrog Two Is My Number BoyHSEUCH
Seamrog Two Times A Humble ManHCERTx3
Seamrog Two Faced Lovely GirlT
Seamrog Two Kinds In One LadyT
CHSeamrog Two Minutes In Time BabyTSEUCH
CHSeamrog Two Times To Make You MineTSEUCH


Ch Soft Hawk Benjamin x Ch Brösing’s Unbound And Happy

Seamrog Three Lucky Number ManH
Seamrog Three Times A Lucky BabyHCERTx2
CHSeamrog Three Ways To My HeartHINTUCH NORDUCH SEV-96
Seamrog Three Keys To Unlock MeT
Seamrog Three Reasons To Love MeTCERT
Seamrog Three Times A Woman In MeT
Seamrog Three Ways To Love Only MeT


Ch Valera’s Iceman x Ch Seamrog Two Times To Make You Mine

CHSeamrog Make Valeras Proud Of MeHSEUCH NOUCH
CHSeamrog Make Up My Mind About YouHSEUCH
Seamrog Make The Winning TeamH
Seamrog Make New Friends TogetherT
Seamrog Make Everything PossibleT
Seamrog Make A Winner Out Of MeT


Ch Movin On Bugatti x Ch Seamrog Two Minutes In Time Baby

Seamrog This Time Ettore B Is OursH
Seamrog This Time I’m In CommandH
Seamrog This Time I’m The WinnerH
Seamrog This Time I’m Yours ForeverH
Seamrog This Time Only Heaven KnowsT
Seamrog This Time Love Is In Th’AirT
Seamrog This Time I Am All YoursT


Ch Valera’s Iceman x Ch Brösing’s Unbound And Happy

Seamrog For Your Eyes Only To SeeH
Seamrog For You I Do EverythingHHP
Seamrog For You To Have And To HoldHHP
Seamrog For Auld Lang Syne My DearHÖkl1
Seamrog For Winning Isnt EverythingTCERT

Seamrog For Ever And Ever I’m YoursTCK


Ch Windisle Inycon x Mo Grad Tu Lotje

Seamrog No Hay ProblemaH
Seamrog No Hope No FearH
Seamrog No More Mr Nice GuyH
CHSeamrog No More Rock’N’RollHMULTICH MULTIW
Seamrog No Shame No GameH
Seamrog No Way JoséH
Seamrog No Woman No CryH
Seamrog No Saint No AngelTCERT, CACIB


Ch Keridown Gael Force x Ch Seamrog Signed Sealed Delivered

Seamrog Ooh Papa DooH
Seamrog Ooh La Hot Love
Seamrog Ooh Ooh Look Out


Tejarpsdalens Delphinus To Extra’s x Seamrog Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee

CHSeamrog The BodyguardHSEUCH
Seamrog Run To YouH
Seamrog SomedayH
Seamrog Waiting For YouH
Seamrog I’m Every WomanT
Seamrog I Will Always Love YouT
Seamrog Queen Of The NightT
Seamrog Trust MeT
Seamrog Peace Love ’n UnderstandingT


Ch One Of A Kind Oisin De Morrigan x Chili-Spice

Seamrog Wasabi LemonHCERT
Seamrog Hot Chili ChocolateH
CHSeamrog Cactus LimeH
Seamrog Tropical SalsaT
Seamrog Guanabana PinappleT
Seamrog Golden Ginger AleT
CHSeamrog Sweet Peach MelbaT
Seamrog Cinnamon SugerT
Seamrog Vanilla BlueberryT


Ch Keridown Gael Force x Ch Seamrog She’s Got The Look

Seamrog Somebody To LoveH
Seamrog You Never Can TellH
Seamrog I Do It For YouH
Seamrog You’Ve Got A Friend In MeH
Seamrog Show Me HeavenT
Seamrog All For LoveT
Seamrog The Sweetest ThingT
Seamrog Hot StuffT
CHSeamrog Que Será SeráT


Leciha’s Paladin Father To A Hero x Seamrog No Saint No Angel

CHSeamrog Attractive MeH
Seamrog A Little Bit Of MeH
Seamrog Amazing MeH
Seamrog Astonishing MeH
Seamrog Awesome MeH
CHSeamrog Absolutely MeT
Seamrog Adorable MeT


Ch Wheaten Rebel’s Like An Irish Lord x Ch Seamrog Chantilly Lace

Seamrog Be Like MeH
Seamrog Best Of Me For KeridownH
Seamrog Beau That’s MeH
CHSeamrog Beautiful MeT


Loofahsa Dizzee Rascal x Seamrog No Saint No Angel

Seamrog Count On MeH
Seamrog Challenge MeH
Seamrog Cherish MeT
Seamrog Cuddle MeT
Seamrog Carry MeT
Seamrog Catch MeT
Seamrog Crazy MeT


Ch Wheaten Rebel’s Like An Irish Lord x Ch Seamrog She’s Got The Look

Seamrog Dizzie Dazzle MeH
Seamrog Don’t Mess With MeH
Seamrog Dashing MeH
Seamrog Daredevil In MeH
Seamrog Dance With MeH
Seamrog Depends On MeT
Seamrog Dream Of MeT


Seamrog Unforgettable x Seamrog Absolutely Me

Seamrog Everything About MeH
Seamrog Easy Going MR MeH
Seamrog Eye-Catching MeT
Seamrog Especially MeT
Seamrog Easy Peasy MeT
Seamrog Extraordinarily MeT


Ch Modny Style Loverboy At Seamrog x Ch Seamrog Que Será Será

CHSeamrog Fancy Fabulous MeH
Seamrog Fantastic Fanciful MeH
Seamrog Find Love With MeH
Seamrog Follow Love And Find MeH
CHSeamrog Feel Free To Love MeT
Seamrog Forever Loved By MeT


Ch Modny Style Loverboy At Seamrog x Legally Blond Fantasticgirl

Seamrog Good Guy For MeH
Seamrog Get Good By MeH
CHSeamrog Goodness Gracious MeT
Seamrog Gonna Come To MeT
Seamrog Give It All To MeT
Seamrog Gorgeous Looking MeT


Ch Kevanna Mister Blister x Seamrog Sweet Peach Melba

Seamrog High Five For MeH
Seamrog Here Comes MeH
Seamrog Have Fun With MeH
Seamrog Hug And Kiss MeT
Seamrog Heaven Sent MeT


Ch Honeyrags Rambling Rebel x Goforit Fashion

Seamrog It’s All About MeH
Seamrog Irresistble MeH
Seamrog It’s Just MeH
Seamrog Invincible MeH
Seamrog I Myself And MeT
Seamrog Incredibly MeT


Goforit Herman Hedning x Seamrog Hug And Kiss Me

Seamrog Just Adore MeH
Seamrog Just Take MeH
Seamrog Just Don’t Hurt MeH
Seamrog Just Hold MeT
Seamrog Just Hug MeT
Seamrog Just Love MeT
Seamrog Just Don’t Leave MeT